Me as a baby. I was probably about one.

Yep!  It’s my birthday!

I thought I’d share this photo of me today.  It was my first ever portrait studio picture.

I have been told that my Grandma Taylor bought the outfit that I wore that day (she also bought my brother a suit that he wore for his own portrait).  Since I believe that I am about one in this photo, this would have been shortly before my Grandma Taylor passed away.

Though I’m older now, I still have the same eyes (surrounded perhaps by a wrinkle or two), and the same smile (thankfully, with a lot more teeth; all still my own).

At this age, I think I looked a lot more like my Dad.  As I got older though, I look much more like my Mom.

My Father

My Mother

Here’s a picture of each of them.  See what you think.





A more recent photo of me.